Featured for November, 2013:

Petrus de Palude: Sermo(n)es Quadragesimales Thesauri Novi; Strasbourg; 1487; Martin Flach; complete.  The sole example in the Americas.  William Foyle's copy, with his gilt red leather Beelieigh Abbey ex libris, in a fine Strassbourg binding with its original 60 centimeter hammered iron chain and lock-ring.  The swivel remains in good working order; the anathema admonishing against theft (Non X Furtum X Facies) being simply the Seventh Commandment, fretworked into a brass ring surrounding the chain boss.  The blindstamped binding is executed with a single stamp of Saint Peter holding his keys, headed "Simon Petrus" in a double-arched frame, plus a single stamp border flower.  The burdones were clearly individually cut and engraved; each is markedly different as to the positions of the angels' wings, the robes and facial features.  Of the signaculua, the plustulis both present; the clapsuli perished.  Not in Goff (GW: M41836).

Eighty-Five Thousand Dollars
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